18 marzo, 2010

'Imprints': The Final Issue

This is the final issue of Imprints journal (vol. 10, no. 3, 2010). Imprints, based in London, exhibited an intellectual seriousness equal to the best political philosophy and social theory of these days. Therefore its distinct intellectual tendency deserved attention to find sustenance in essential issues on egalitarianism, democracy, socialism, etc. The story of Imprints spanned the years 1996 to 2010 in an rigorous and enriching way. The intentions of its founders were “to promote a critical discussion of egalitarian and socialist ideas, freed from theoretical dogma but committed to the viability of an egalitarian and democratic politics”. Thus the enterprise of Imprints posed a challenge to its editors, that a regime beyond the conceptual horizons of mainstream liberalism is both feasible and desirable. That is why it’s original subtitled was “a journal of analytical socialism”. Imprints always remained true to its spirit. Its own assessments of analytical Marxism’s prospects were not taken at face value. Its work helped to restore a social order vision beyond liberalism. One of its most attractive content was the interviews to many important figures of the left: G.A. Cohen (naturally, the first issue featured the lead interview with Cohen), Philippe Van Parijs, Erik Olin Wright, John Roemer, Joshua Cohen, Nancy Fraser, Alex Callinicos, Thomas Pogge, Norman Geras, Michael Walzer, Martha Nussbaum, David Miller, among others. It’s a pity to see that the journey of Imprints has come to an end. We hope that future interested readers in the journal would have the privilege to access on-line its archives in full. It’s worth it!

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